Labour Sponsored Investment Funds (LSIFs)

Covington Capital Corp was established in 1994 as a venture capital investment firm focused on supporting the growth of visionary entrepreneurs through managing Labour Sponsored Investment Funds (LSIFs).  
Covington has managed various mandates within the LSIF category and has successfully wound down two significant LSIF portfolios: Covington Investment Fund and Covington Strategic Capital Fund.
Since the provincial and Federal governments’ have withdrawn support for the LSIF program by eliminating the tax incentives for investors, Covington has played a key role as an acquirer and consolidator of competing LSIF products. Covington has acquired numerous LSIF portfolios since the year 2000.
Covington currently manages two LSIF portfolios: Covington Venture Fund, and Covington Fund II.
We are focused on maximizing shareholder value from our current portfolios, and providing liquidity opportunities for our investors.  For more information on our current portfolios, click on the links below.