Labour Sponsored Investment Funds (LSIFs)

Covington Capital was established in 1994 as a venture capital investment firm focused on supporting the growth of visionary entrepreneurs through the Labour Sponsored Investment Fund (LSIF) program.  

Through Covington's LSIF Funds: Covington Investment Fund, Covington Fund II, Covington Strategic Capital Fund and Covington Venture Fund, the firm focused on supporting the growth of visionary entrepreneurs within Canada.  As the venture capital ecosystem in Canada matured, and Government support of the LSIF program was withdrawn, the industry required a stable and experienced participant to act as a consolidator of late stage LSIFs that were experiencing liquidity challenges.  Covington Capital has evolved in that capacity to become a trusted late-stage consolidator of mature venture capital funds.

With Covington Investment Fund and Covington Strategic Capital Fund now having been wound-up, we are focused on working with the companies remaining in Covington Fund II and Covington Venture Fund to maximize shareholder value from the current portfolio, and provide liquidity for those sharheolders that had previously experienced liquidity constraints at prior institutions.