Covington Fund II


Covington Fund II Inc. (or, the “Fund”) has announced as of Tuesday, September 8 2015 that it has halted redemptions of the Fund as a result of significant and increasing requests for redemptions since re-opening its restricted share series to redemptions on September 2, 2015.  

The Board has taken this decision as the significant increase in redemption requests experienced over the last week has the potential to quickly eliminate the liquidity of the Fund, which is in the best interests of the Fund, or its shareholders.

The fair value of the Fund's portfolio will continue to be determined every week and there are no anticipated changes to the value of its private investments as a result of the decision.


About Covington Fund II

Covington's most conservative retail fund offering, Covington Fund II employs a diversified investment approach that focuses predominantly on later-stage opportunities within the traditional industries, technology, and life sciences sectors. Our portfolio holdings consist of innovative, high-growth enterprises that are providing novel solutions and products that are changing their respective industries. 

Structured toward investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio through alternative investment products, Fund II provides long-term capital growth return potential through investments in small-to-medium sized private enterprises. The Fund is suitable for growth-oriented investors with a medium to higher tolerance for volatility and longer-term investment horizons.

Nov. 25, 2015

This view is getting the list of Series for this fund.

CIG 912
CIG 961
SeriesFund CodeValue
Series I CIG 912 $7.91
Series II CIG 961 $7.53
Fund Code October 2, 2015September 18, 2015September 11, 2015September 4, 2015
CIG 912$8.09$8.09$8.14$8.13
CIG 961$7.71$7.71$7.76$7.75

Key Holdings:

Covington Fund II Inc. Temporarily Suspends Redemptions:...
Nakina Secure Network Auditing Platform Wins Multiple Awards:...
Nakina Introduces NI-DEFENDER, a Secure Network Auditing Platform...
BTI Systems Propels CTS Telecom’s Transition to Next-Generation...
BTI Systems Demonstrates Interoperability with Industry-First...
Phase 3 Data Supporting Rayaldee As a Treatment for Secondary...
Turk Telekom Enables Service Orchestration Using Nakina Systems...
Telcel Selects Nakina Network Integrity Solutions: OTTAWA,...
Nakina Joins the Intel® Network Builders Program: OTTAWA,...
$40-million project takes plant beyond ethanol production:...


In accordance with Provincial and federal legislation, labour sponsored funds are required to have a Sponsor. Covington is proud to have the Canadian Police Association (CPA) and the Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO-ACAF) as our Co-Sponsors.

Canadian Police Association

Canadian Police Assocation logoCovington is proud of our long-standing relationship with the CPA who has sponsored the above Funds since their inception.  The CPA is the national voice for 41,000 police personnel across Canada. Membership includes police personnel serving in 200 police services across Canada, from Canada's smallest towns and villages as well as those working in Canada’s largest municipal and provincial police services, and members of the RCMP, railway police, and first nations police personnel.


Association of Canadian Financial Officers

The ACFO-ACAF is the national voice for Financial Officers across Canada. ACFO-ACAF works toward creating a competitive environment that will attract the best and brightest to want to work for the employer.