Covington Capital Corporation

Founded in 1994, Covington Capital Corporation initially established itself as one of Canada's leading providers of retail venture capital funds. Over the last 10-15 years as the retail venture capital landscape matured and the venture capital valuation and liquidity cycle presented unique challenges that certain retail venture capital funds were incapable of negotiating, Covington Capital Corporation was proud to evolve into a solution provider to many retail venture capital fund competitors that experienced challenges. As a result, Covington's current role in the Canadian venture capital ecosystem is as a specialist in the consolidation of mature retail venture funds and selected limited partnerships; and as a direct growth equity investor to mid-market businesses.

Covington Team

Scott Clark

Managing Partner

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Phil Reddon

Managing Partner

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Stephen Campbell

CFO and Director, Valuations

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Lisa Low

VP Finance

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Anna de Sousa

Manager Admin. and Client Services

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